Tuesday, May 13, 2008


May 1st. MAY DAY. Marigot is the capital of the French side of St. Martin.

View to the west from Fort Louis.

Fort Louis

View from Fort looking east.

Great meeting up with Pat and Carol again off Song Bird.

Our trip to Philipsburg....What an incredible change from our last time here in the early nineties.

May 10th We went treasure hunting and what a find.....Snorkeling, Randy found this piece of stainless.

May 11th; Happy Mother's Day.

0830 We are moving the boat through the French Bridge into Simpson Lagoon and prepare for tommorrow's haul out.

The bridge is very narrow and the current is 2 1/2 knots.

As the lagoon is really shallow we really took our time . During the past few weeks we had seen and heard that a number of boats had gone aground.

Lance the manager at Bobby's asked us to come into the dock stern first so we asked Kathy and Kerry to come over and help catch our lines. The winds were with us and Randy did fabulous steering.

Just to let you know this is our new boat---just kidding; she sure is pretty though. (We watched her go through the Dutch bridge while we enjoyed a sundowner.)

Randy's constant scrubbing of the hull has made a huge difference in it's state. Looks like a power wash and light sanding is all we will need to do before painting.

Thank you to Manie and Booige for doing the sanding and painting.

Last touch up where the supports were.

Back in the water.... Three days total. Amazing.
High States looking pretty off "The Witches Tit"


Charlene Mansley said...

Hola Randy & Lynn,

I was reading your blog yesterday, tried to send a comment twice & lost my wireless signal. I am sure you are familiar with that. Jess & I cruised the US & British Virgin Islands in 1981. Also went to Antigua for a week. It looks quite different - no mooring buoys or cruise ships back then.
Jessica, Jarred, Leelund & Shane left yesterday after staying aboard Aurora for 2 weeks. We had a wonderful time - a much needed family infusion for us. We had a great visit of cruising, fishing, snorkeling, swimming, swam with some sea lions - what an experience. Hiked, eat & drank too much!! The hardest part about cruising is the great lengths of time without seeing the kids. Kids left Sat & we have friends from Edmonton arriving on Monday for 2 weeks.
Great Blog. You both look fabulous!
Keep in touch, safe sailing, Jess & Charlene

Rum Runner said...

Hey Randy and Lynn! We are finally off following you from St Martin tomorrow and wondering where you are. Give us an email - we somehow didn't get your address. Miss you guys and can't wait to catch up! Jay and Jen the Rum Runners

Anonymous said...

HI Lynn and Randy,

Have been catching up with your blog..........wow you have been sailing for nearly two years...what a fabulous log of all. gorgeous photos.....

Take care....happy sailing.

Irene Ohly