Monday, July 14, 2008

Bequia Here We Come

July 3rd. 2008

We’re up at 0500 and watch as squall after squall cross over Rodney Bay. By 0630 the skies start to brighten and with the weather not looking any better or worse for the next number of days we’re on our way. We’ve hailed Rum Runner who left Martinique at 0400hrs. They said it’s “do-able” seas are around 6 feet and winds around 15 knots. Sounds good to us.

Cruise Ship that we watched entering the Castries Harbor. We saw a double rainbow here.

Off the PITONS (peetons)—As beautiful from the seas as they were from land.

Rum Runner have caught up to us so we decide not to stop at the PITONS but carry on at least to St. Vincent.

Off St. Vincent we have squall after squall which brought lots of rain to the point visibility was poor---but the squall had no wind!! We actually become be-calmed.
This freighter passed us on the inside off St. Vincent. Interesting not an hour later the sea was full of plastic. What a mess to dodge through. From the freighter??? Who knows for sure.
It began to really get late in the day and we didn’t think we would make Bequia before night fall because of the lack of wind and the strong currents. We hailed Rum Runner to see how they were doing. They were about 8nm ahead of us in the Bequia Channel. They said they were doing quite well as they finally found some wind and the current had slackened; so, we decided to make a run for it.

By 1800hrs we’re doing 7 to 8.5 knots…YEAH; the motor is off and we’re flying. We’ve got 2.9nm to go.

1850hrs The anchor is set in 14.2 feet of water, it’s just starting to get dark and we have a wonderful surprise of being welcomed into Admiralty Bay by not only our friends Rum Runner by Cathy and Derek off Idyll Island. After a 12 hour day we are definitely in need of a rest, but we’re happy to be in Bequia.


Margaret & Rich Escoffery said...

Glad to hear you're safely in Bequia. We've been tracking you on Google Earth - very cool! An adventure of a lifetime. Enjoy!


Kate and Brian said...

Everytime we see you guys in pictures, you're always smiling. I think you both have figured out how to live life the way it was meant to be---FREEDOM.
The scenery again looks breathtaking and the boat looks big and fabulous. It must feel so much like home now.
People keep asking us when you are coming home. I keep telling them that I suspect the 2 year dream will turn into the 4 year dream because who in their right mind would want to leave all of that.
Remember that I told you I met a lady at the airport who was home visiting her daughter. It was just before you left. She said that her and her husband took off to sail for 2 years and they were now in their 14th year. Maybe the dream will be longer than 4 years.

Brian is doing really well and his health is all good news.

Be well and keep smiling, Love and hugs, Kate and Brian