Friday, April 1, 2011



January has been a busy month here in Bocas del Toro.

Thank goodness we can get to shore to do some hiking as the water is full of jelly fish making it so we can’t get in the water as we like. We spent the month anchored off Red Frog Marina enjoying amazing wildlife like this Sloth.

Spider at the Red Frog Marina office

Another very large insect…

Along with the infamous red frogs. These little guys are no larger than my thumb nail.

Many a night we enjoy a tranquil dinghy drift.

Oops, John (S/V Dixsea) thought we were having engine trouble while on one drift.  He and Dixea thought they should rescue us.

Finally a couple of days of sunny weather. Along with Ron and Paula, M/V Dovekie we decide to make reservations for the popular Thai Restaurant which is a short hike up from the town of Bastimentos. 

Before long though we were slipping and sliding in the mud and thought to ourselves "Sure hope this is worth the trek"

Well, the lunch was delicious and the scenery tranquil.  Then  we headed up the narrow path to the organic coffee shop,

called; UP IN THE HILL where we shared decadent chocolate coconut balls.

We participated in a Cruiser Fundraiser at Red Frog Marina for local villagers who were burnt out of their homes. Four homes, three of which were destroyed displaced some 30 to 40 people leaving them with no possessions. The fundraiser organized by a number of long term Red Frog Marina Yachties was a great success. One couple donated their time and rigging experience to any who wanted their rigging checked with the proceeds going to the village.The benefit dinner, along with draws for great prizes, gave the Bahia Rojo village over $2200 in cash along with numerous clothing and household goods donated.

(Allayne & Dennis)

Here Ray of S/V Aventura entertained us with his juggling act. Other cruisers entertained us with their music.        


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Dance Aweigh said...

Great to see a new blog! Cruisers sure do a lot of good deeds as they travel - nice to see that.

Margaret & Rich
Dance Aweigh