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We actually do not spend all our time playing even if we try to….Tasks need to be completed…A few at a time…

One recent project was to run hose and electrical wire for our new wash down pump. (This is a system to pull fresh or salt water into a hose, moving the water up to the bow where we have another hose to spray down the anchor chain or clean the deck.)   This got Randy checking other tools. He opens his drill bits and found $15US wrapped up in the bits??? We can’t remember who borrowed the bits last but who ever you are THANK YOU. We’ll have Happy Hour on you tonight….As you can see it must have been awhile ago as the bits and money are quite rusty.

Randy also rewired one of our galley lights which turned out not to be an easy task. We did not want to pull the header (ceiling) down so we tried for hours to pull wire through with our “fish tape”. Finally, working together we did it….and I must say after our accomplishment we were still talking to one another..

So of course we have to get back to playing…..Randy plays volleyball from 3 to 4 pm daily while I do water aerobics.

Susie (M/V Cabaret), our social convenor thought it was time to have a volleyball tournament.  Picking names out of a hat there were enough players for six teams, 5 aside.

And I must say the tournament was very competitve.

The event took all day stopping long enough to have barbequed hamburgers and Happy Hour Beers.

Randy getting ready to serve.

“Mario’s Champs...Yes, you're right the cruiser's teams all lost to the youngest local team.

Francesca from Casa Guatemala comes twice a week to the Marina selling pork, chicken, produce and dairy products with the proceeds going to the orphanage.

Staff Appreciation Day was another exciting event where Marco supplied the food and the cruisers cooked, served and cleaned up for all the great Marina Staff.

This large pit is where the chickens were cooked.

Susie watching the water boil.

Terry (S/V Sylvester) in foreground with Pam (S/V Pamela Jean) and Susie in background. I kept having to scoot Carmen out of her kitchen.  She wasn't used to not being in charge and was always trying to help.   

Rand on dish cleanup duty.

Cruiser Miguel giving a short speech in Spanish thanking the employees for all their hard work.

A few of the Mario's Marina staff. Carmen on the left.

On of our dinghy explorations down one of the many river tributaries.

Gorgeous enormous Lily Pads.

One day we went to Morales. Many cruisers come to Morales for medical appointments.

Tuk Tuk’s (local taxiis) are a very inexpensive mode of transportation throughout Guatemala.

Another albeit uncomfortable mode of transportation for the longer rides is in small vans.  I think I counted 22 people this time. And of course we are right in the back and there is no "air".

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