Sunday, March 11, 2012


But first my sincerest appologies for being so far behind.. It's amazing almost three months have gone by since our last post..I will try and get everyone up to date as soon as possible.
Hurricane season is now behind us but before we can say good bye to Guatemala we do have a few necessary tasks, one being greasing our electric winch.  We always find it prudent to take a number of pictures when we take a piece of equipment apart "just in case"..

We are so excited when our new prop arrives.. "Watch out Interlude".

Using "Louis", our Hooka underwater dive system Randy proceeds to install the new prop. We are sooooo disappointed---The prop does not fit. This of course means shipping back to Beneteau....

We are all fuelled up and ready to go. We're buddy boating with Enchantment and decide to spend a couple of nights in Texan Bay.The entrance is very straight forward  The anchorage encircled with mangroves gives us good protection.

Randy and Vern dinghy down the seven miles to Livingston to see Raul who has our Zarpes ready.

Next day we slowly head down the Rio enjoying the incredible scenery

as we do not think we will be heading back this way.

At the mouth of the Rio we’ll also meet up with  Interlude making up our buddy boat threesome for our overnight crossing to Roatan.

1610 hours and we’re crossing the bar.

ADIOS GUATEMALA------A Beautiful country, a Fabulous Experience….
We all decide to stop for the night off Cabo Tres Puntas.  It’s dark as we drop anchor with no lights on shore.
The next morning we’re up at 0700 and its raining.  We all are quite antsy to get going but  decide to wait until 0900hrs as we do not want to arrive at West End too early tomorrow morning.

1025hours and we’ve got a six mile long squall which brings us more rain but not much wind.

By 0500hours next morning we’re off West End, Roatan waiting for a bit more light. We’ve two cruise ships hovering off our port. By 715hrs we are on a mandatory mooring ball in the West End Marine Park.

We all decide to treat ourselves at one of our favorite eateries The Chicken Shack for dinner. And then its back to our boats for an early quiet night with time to enjoy another tranquil magnificient sunset.

Champagne Breakfast anyone???  Each Sunday from 10 am til 2pm "The Lighthouse" has a special breakfast menu which includes ever flowing Champagne and Orange Juice. The food is delicious and the price reasonable. Of course cruisers being cruisers cannot pass up a fun time to socialize. We had a fabulous time reconnecting with friends Pavo Real, along with our buddy boats Enchantment, and Interlude. 

Winds have changed direction making for three miserable days at the West End…..It was so rough no one left their boats.

Last year we only spent a week at West End, so renting a car with Interlude and Enchantment we get to explore the many “nooks and crannies” on Roatan….If one needs grommets or thread, this is the place.

We did have a bit of trouble with the rental. The company graciously came and replaced the vehicle.

Up at the lookout looking North towards Crawfish Rock Point. What an incredible view….We've asked down at the resort if it is possible to come another day and have lunch...They say, absolutely so we will do this on our next adventure.  But for now I must sign off as the wifi is acting up again; so until next blog---"COMPANY IS HERE"  Adios  friends.....

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