Friday, January 18, 2008

Dec.16th 2006 Update

Update from Lynn and Randy Dec. 16th , 2006

Good morning everyone. Well, I’ll try and write this again.

Sounds like you’re having your share of bad weather too. Randy has a site that he checks daily. It not only shows your weather patterns, but shows a picture of Dallas Rd looking south. Here we have had an incredible amount of rain…Not just a drizzle, but downpours. Of course when it stops the little no-seeums start their attack. You know what a really bad case of chicken pox looks like…well, that’s what my legs look like. These little guys look like a speck of dust so of course you don’t know they are there until they decide to feed on you. For some reason they love me. Upon reading The Cruising Guide to the Bahamas, it is recommended when one spends time in that area you have on hand two different products that help relieve itchiness. They are Safe Sea and Lands End Oil. We will try and find at a Pharmacy.

We received an email from Margo suggesting we should keep a journal. Great idea as I know I’ll never remember all the details of this great adventure in our lives.

This past week after spending three days cleaning off the previous owners boat name we held our official de-naming ceremony. We have ordered the lettering for our new name through a contact from Ben Pollon (this is Larry and Mary’s nephew) who lives in Florida.—By the way Larry and Mary, Ben is a very nice young man.

We have been trying to find someone to make us a dodger to no avail. Because of Christmas everyone says they do not have enough time to have one made for us by mid January. We are trying to decide if we should just buy a Sail Rite sewing machine and make our own. With the type of machine we are looking at we can do all the sail repairs when needed. The benefit of this brand is they can be run without electricity.

This past week we have also purchased our dinghy. It is just over 9 ft in length. Randy has set up the blocks, lifting rings etc. to make it easier for us to pull the dinghy out of the water. We probably will go today and purchase a motor. We originally were interested in a Yamaha. Talk about customer service…we went to three different businesses, the only three in the Ft. Lauderdale area and were never even approached. At one place we went to the service desk and said we wanted to buy a motor. They said to go and speak to a salesman at the front of the store. We waited and waited. Now we are looking at a Mercury. We went to a place called Outdoor World, which sells everything for every kind of outdoor activity. They only sell “Merc” motors, but the fellow approached us right away and was interested in looking after us. Needless to say we made our purchase.

We have received notice from the Sidney North Saanich Yacht Club that our application has been accepted. Suzanne and Norrie—thank you for sponsoring us. Yesterday I pulled Randy up the mast so that he could put up our Halyard Kit so we can fly our burgee (Yacht Club Flag) plus our Quarantine Flag/ Bahama Flag when we get over to the Bahamas. Our game plan will be to be fully provisioned and ready for a window of good weather starting around the beginning to mid January .

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