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Dec.6th,2006- A Message from Lynn and Randy

A message from Lynn and Randy on “HIGH STATES” Dec.6th, 2006

Hi everyone, this first week has flown by. It sounds like you all are in agreement that I left just in time. Every airport had its problems, plus in Calgary my room had no hot water, so needless to say I arrived at the airport really early.

The boat is wonderful. Randy has been real busy his first month down here. He put in new refrigeration, hooked up the propane stove and did numerous small tasks.

On Dec.2nd at approximately 0500 hrs., our friends Leo and Mary onboard Sea Song left for the Bahamas only to return around 0800 as the seas were real choppy and they were having trouble with their brand new generator. Randy went over to help Leo and between them they determined the problem was an uncharged battery. Mary along with “Tucker” (their dog) , and myself had a nice visit however we know they were disappointed that they couldn’t complete this part of their journey. They actually arrived to the slip beside us about two weeks ago from Rhode Island traveling down the Inland Waterway. They own a 38 foot Grand Banks that they purchased this past spring.

On Monday I cleaned our forward berth area. Hard to believe it took all day, but by the time you tear everything apart, give it a good clean and then organize the chaos, I was tired.

We seem to be spending a lot of time shopping. Not that we are making many purchases. You wouldn’t believe how many stores we had to go to just to find notions like thread. When we went into Kmart and I asked if they had a fabric dept., the woman thought I was daft. She wanted to know what I was doing and when I said I wanted to make curtains she said they sell curtains already made. No point in trying to explain.

This past week we also met Derek Rutherford and his family who are also from Victoria. (It really is a small world.) They also bought a Beneteau from the same broker and at the same time as us. He moved their boat to the same Yacht Basin we are at and they actually hope to head to the Bahamas around the same time as us. Who knows maybe we’ll have our own flotilla.

Well, I don’t want this to get too long and/or boring.

Thanks again mom for the beautiful curtains you made for the berth areas. I am still putting them up, and will take pictures when I have completed that task.

We wish you all a safe December. Hopefully your weather will warm up soon.

Love Lynn and Randy

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