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Feb. 24th,2007--Highborne Cay

Feb.24th,2007-Heading for Highborne Cay

0700hrs. Swells and winds came up after midnight. Randy went and slept in the cock pit again.

1030hrs. We went and saw Derek, Evelyn and Caylin and we’ve decided to go to Highborne Cay as it’s only going to get nastier here at Allens Cay. By 01115hrs. we are starting to lift anchors. The plan was done like this: Randy and Derek pull up our chain anchor (our 1st anchor); then they went to UNWIND to pull up their chain anchor. While I was left on board HIGH STATES , Randy went back to help Derek with his rode anchor line (2nd anchor), then Randy would come back to do our rode anchor line. Very nerve racking for me with the strong current. While Randy was helping Derek our depth alarm went off as I was being pushed by the strong current onto the sandbank. I blew the emergency air horn for Randy to come back to our boat. (Lynn don’t PANIC!!) By the time he came back I had managed to get the boat back into deeper water without pulling out our anchor. Back to UNWIND Randy went ensuring they got out of the harbor and then he came back to pull up our last anchor. (Of coarse while he was on board UNWIND I was saying to myself “don’t leave me here by myself-When are you coming back??”

01245hrs. We are out of the harbor and on course. We’ve decided to go right into the Marina at Highborne Cay to give ourselves a break from the weather. This way Randy can have a good nights sleep.
1500hrs. We’re at the dock in Highborne Cay. And a break it is going to be. One gentleman just came by and said the marina is hosting a huge barbeque tonight at 1930hrs—“The meal will include mahi mahi ,chicken, other different types of fish—a huge spread”. Sounds absolutely delicious. He asked for reservations and we said yes. After he left I said to Rand I’m sure it’s not free, so when he walked by again Randy and Derek asked how much the dinner would be. “ $35.00 a person which includes one glass of wine..” We decide we deserve it. After officially registering at the office Randy and I stowed the back up anchor away. After our last couple of weeks of bad weather we're really going to enjoy our stay. We are surrounded by beautiful yachts.
Here Caylin enjoys a rest in one of the hammocks.

After dinner we went back to UNWIND for a night cap. We can hear the wind, but it’s not directly on us. The moorage is well protected. Randy should enjoy a restful night and a good deserved sleep.

Highborne Cay is a privately owned island. It is very clean and tidy. The island is three miles in length and approx. 500 acres. At one time there was an abundance of aloe plants on the island. Unfortunately due to the high cost of production and shipping the operation was not economically viable. In the past watermelons grew in such numbers that the Nassau market could not absorb them hence no more watermelons.

There is a bird sanctuary at the north end of the island. Maybe that’s why we’re having feathered guests inside the boat on a regular basis. We have also enjoyed the basking sharks at the fish cleaning station. Guests have been requested to throw bio-degradable food out only at this station. We’ve also thoroughly enjoyed hiking the island. One evening Derek tried to give Randy and I a Science lesson on Star Gazing. I mean he really tried. I think he would agree we turned out not to be very good students. The pits getting old!
On one hike I decided to get a ride back on the "bus". On second thought it looks like I best continue to walk.

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