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Jan.22nd,2007-Bullocks Harbour to Chub Cay

Bullocks Harbor, Berry Islands to Chub Cay
48 Nautical Miles January 22, 2007

1300 hours. We’re on our way back onto the Great Bahama Bank, heading west, traveling 5.2 knots and we have 6.6 feet below the keel. (Will we ever get used to the water being so shallow!!) All of a sudden Randy yells“Grab the hook” UNWIND traveling in front of us has lost a hat!!
“You’ve got one chance” Rand reminds me.-----We got it!!!!

North of us we can see a cruise ship off Little Stirrup Cay. As we continue heading south we’re in 12 feet of the most beautiful turquoise water.

gBy 1905 hrs.we’ve anchored on the bank.(Still in 12 feet of water.) We are NW of Blackwood Bush, Berry Islands. We have 60 feet of chain out. I am so excited as I was hoping we’d have the opportunity to anchor on the Bahama Bank. It’s an incredibly beautiful calm night. SE of us is Nassau. We indulge in a bit of wine and chocolate and watch the stars and moon.

Tuesday, January 23

0735hrs. Rand was up most of the night. Huge swells kept rocking the boat. The anchor held well. We try to call UNWIND as we feel we should be underway.

0810hrs. We have made contact with UNWIND and plan to pick up anchors at 0830.
By 0943 hrs our GPS is showing rocks to our starboard under the water! More rocks on both sides, and of coarse the depth sounder shows we are in 13feet of water.

1040hrs. After having our fishing line out for maybe 10 minutes we’ve caught what we think is a Barracuda. He certainly is a challenge to kill. We have since learnt to keep diluted alcohol (the fish probably prefer Rum) in a small squirt bottle and squirt it into the fish gills. This seems to “paralyze” them and makes it easier to knock them out.
We’ve decided to anchor off Chub Point for the night. Unfortunately huge swells become a challenge. We could see Chub Cay has great channel markings, actually the best we’ve seen so far, so we decide to call into the marina to see if they have room for both boats.

Now we know why the channel markings are so good. Beautiful docks, no pilings to tie to here. This is a $250 Million dollar project. All the homes are for sale for over one million dollars. Dockage is 3.50 a foot, but we have received a discount to 2.80 ft. as the marina is incomplete. We invite the Rutherford’s for barbequed Barracuda. Delicious!!

Chub Cay Marina

Wednesday, January 24th

We’ve decided to stay one more night. Randy and I walked to the beach on the other side of the docks and it is gorgeous and calm.

We spent the day working on the Navtex system (weather system), tried to send emails, prepared our main sail---we’re missing a bit of hardware, however, we’ve put reefs in the main.

We spend the afternoon having a “playtime” at the beach with the Rutherford’s. Randy and Derek get us some coconuts---not an easy feat—but hilarious to watch and I went back to the boat for rum, beer, snacks etc. We had a great time swimming and snorkeling.

Later that evening we had a games night on UNWIND. We played Spoons….OUCH!!!

Thursday January 25th.

Randy walked over to the beach side and the weather has turned for the worse. What have we learnt from this Chub Cay experience?? By spoiling ourselves one day, it has cost us many dollars in a place we have come to call “The Unmentionable Cay”. We can not recommend Chub Cay to anyone. The washrooms were terrible. You couldn’t just walk to it. The office had to call for a shuttle to take us and the door was always locked. We believe it was kept locked because it’s location was where all the employees (construction workers) lived. Due to all the construction the whole area was dirty and dusty. The employees were really nice. Our issue was at 2.80 a foot per day the amenities were sub-standard and very disappointing. There was one grocery store which unfortunately was not provisioned well. There were lots of chickens on the island however, we could not buy one egg..

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