Thursday, October 30, 2008

Trials and Tribulations in Trinidad----September

Oct. 19th,2008

Our apologies for the delay in updating our Blog.
We are amazed how quickly the past six weeks has absolutely flown by.

The front page of today’s paper states the murder toll for 2008 is now 437 and the deadliest job in Trinidad and Tobago is being a taxi driver; fifteen being killed this year for money or the car.

So where did Sept. go?
We now understand what the rainy season is all about here in Trinidad. This is what the water looks like after a 10 minute rainfall. Until someone decides to start recycling the waters will continue to be the “garbage can” of the area.

Sept.5th. -- Finally a fuel tanker arrives so foreign flagged vessels, “yachties”' can now again purchase fuel after weeks of confusion.We will in fact be charged the International price as it has been decided selling fuel at the discounted Trinidadian price was illegal.

Sept 7th. —We toured the USS Farragut, a Guided Missile Destroyer that was visiting Trinidad.

By around 1400 hrs. the skies opened again and with the rain came the swells. Now the swells are another matter. We keep vigil watch on the dock lines making necessary adjustments as all the boats rock and roll. We have to make sure the spreaders don’t get caught up in other boats. We are fortunate High States spreaders do not line up with the neighbouring boats .

We do however end up with a leak in the port cabin so in the swell Randy is cutting a side panel in half to find the source. The toe rail needs new caulking so another task is added to our list.
Sept. 10th.—Getting ready for the new Stack Pack takes Randy up the mast. Another bit of frustration. When we asked for a quote for a Stack Pack we told the men from the company that we wanted the stack pack to look exactly like the one on the Bavaria (two boats over). We were told no problem and within a few hours we had the quote and the next day we went and gave a 50% deposit. So what happens, the company arrives a couple of weeks later to confirm the measurements. The man said to Rand….Have you got the lazy jack lines and hardware? Randy said “No, that was to be included in the quote";
No,the lazy jacks would be extra and Randy is introduced to a fellow who would be more than happy to do the lazy jacks. Well the long and short of it is Randy said forget it and has gone to Budget Marine to buy all the line and parts we will need to hang the stack pack and will do that part himself. (Another trip up the mast it will be). We also decided to do the main sail repair before the stack pack is attached to the boom. Thank goodness because of the rain it is a little cooler for this task and we manage to do a 4 inch by 15 inch repair in three hours---and people wonder what we do all day.

We’re into day 10 with no TV access.. We have had three TV boxes and none work.
Plus now we will have to pay for internet at a cost of almost $50 US a month and we can only have access to one computer . Hence, the reason we are not updating the blog as often. Oh the trials and tribulations here in Trinidad..
Sept. 12th. A busy day on the boat. Everyone arrives at the same time.

The stack pack is being installed.

While one company is installing the stack pack we have another man doing the fibreglass work for the Auto Pilot.

And where is David?? He is down in the Lazarette working on the Auto Pilot.

Set. 16th. I took a break to-day and went to the Botanical Gardens with Manon, Donna and Mary Ann.

We were dissappointed in the Gardens as many sections were closed so we went to the Zoo.


Black Caiman Alligator

Donna playing with a Red Howler Monkey.

Today’s paper has a full page ad- notifying the public Hunting Season officially begins Oct. 1st. Locals can hunt Tatoo (looks like an armadillo) Iguana, Quenk (sort of like a wild pig) Red Brocket Deer, Caiman (alligator) and the Agouti.

Sept. 26th. We have been trying to do a Tour of the Angostura Bitters & Rum Factory for a number of weeks now and it continues to be postponed. Finally to-day is the day; however along with the Angostura Tour is the Pan Factory Tour which we have already done.

We actually saw alot more of the tools this time.
Kathy and Kerry ready for a concert?
Jesse took us on another scenic route.
Next stop Angostura which is what we all have been trying to see for about three weeks.
OOPS!!!! The woman forgot we were coming so there is no tour guide. We will have to come back next week.... ONLY in Trinidad…

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