Tuesday, November 25, 2008

October in Trinidad

Oct. 3 Angostura..Have you heard of Angostura aromatic Bitters??
We finally managed to get to see the site of where the bitters are made. Angostura Bitters are made only in Trinidad and are shipped all over the world. The aromatic bitters were formulated by
Dr. J.G.B. Siegert back in 1824 in a town in Venezuela called Angostura originally for medicinal purposes. This truck is full of dark molasses.

To-day Bitters is added to drinks such as a Shanghai and Rum Drinks. We met a local lady who swore that Angostura Bitters was the best “tonic” in a few ounces of warm water for an upset stomach.
Hand painting of bottles.

This section full of kegs. Kegs of Rum..

We in fact could not take pictures in the Bitters section of the plant. Our only dissappointment was that we could not try more of the nicer rums in the tasting factory. We did not want to take a chance and buy something we were not sure of.

Oct. 6th. Saying good bye to our neighbours on Wasabi/Brian and Isabella are heading West.

Oct. 7th Congratulations to our Canadian Team at the Pan American Female Boxing Championships hosted here in Trinidad. We went to watch the finals Tuesday to support the Canadian Team. Three of our girls were in finals and they all won gold metals..
Congratulations to:
Many Bujold 50Kg. Katie Duncan 63kg. and Mary Spencer 66kg. Jennifer Mc Connell in the 60kg won Bronze.

If you really want to know what we have been doing, our” to do” list is diminishing… We have:
* remade awning and put back up
*washed boat
*varnished teak
*changed anchors
*change engine oil
*changed anti-freeze
*replaced oil filters
*polished stainless
*finished dodger
*made cockpit screens
*ordered and had installed our third crew member “AUTO”
*ordered and had installed stack pack
*installed lazy jacks
*organize back berths to get ready for company
*clean cabin sole
*clean and oil interior walls
*take stove apart and thoroughly clean
*fix head vents
*repair window trim
*fuel additive
*wire in for Auto Pilot
*repair main sail
*re-wire microwave
*fix reef lines
*replace main halyard
*check batteries
*caulk cap rail
*fix dinghy
*fix head door
*repair water leaks in water tanks
*check air connectors
*put stainless from dodger to bimini
*replace flag line
*change mast light
*make hatch curtains
*make hull port light curtains
*add two vent holes in fridge
*replace gasket material in cockpit seats
*fix waste intake
*check batteries
*check solar panels
*test main sail---ease of lowering with new lines
*impeller on Merc
*make lid for ice freezer
*check all air connectors and clean

I am exhausted just making the list…..but as you can see we have been busy.
Oct. 13th Celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving
Bill and Leona

Rodney showing us cruisers the correct way to light charcoal.

Mike and Leona

I had to wear my Victoria, Canada shirt.

Oct. 16th Testing out our new “crew member” "AUTO". Kathy and Kerry came along with Dennis from Goodwood Marine (the company that did the installation.) What a fabulous day. It felt so good getting out on the water. Dennis said if we could have a compass variance of no more than 15 degrees we would be doing well. Our variance came in at 3 degrees….Fabulous!!!

One of the small islands off Chaguaramus.

Oct. 19th.
And a hiking we will go.
Kathy and Leona.

Beautiful long bamboo which made an archway along one of the trails.

October 22 Enjoying poolside….one of the benefits of Cruise Inn.

Randy with Jay and Jennifer

Our neighbours Nicole and Michael (across the dock) and Dave (beside us)

Teri and I.

We have met the owner of the Duty Free Shop and mentioned we had received her flier advertising the great Duty Free Prices. We explained that we would love nothing more than to give her our business before we leave Trinidad and wondered how we could with us planning to leave in a couple of weeks very early in the morning. We also mentioned probably three or four other boats would be leaving at the same time and also wanted to make purchases. She said yes, business was really slow this year and she was suffering. We asked if there was enough boats would she be interested in coming in early to fill our orders. Her question: “How early and how much is everyone willing to buy??”.. We said real early and we would all make it worth her while.
Oct. 23rd. Finally our new mattress foam arrived.

This is the fabric we purchased to cover the foam.

Oct. 24th.. Exercise time at the pool. 0800 hours, right after the net, three times a week.

Ash has barely arrived and we have already put him to work helping Kathy & Kerry put the rudder back on Bellagio.

Then we hike down to see Taima and Phoenix III. The guys are always checking out hydro poles…This one has been hit twice in the last few days .

And then in the evening we went on Jesse's tour for Divali .

Celebration of Light

First we go into a temple.

We are entertained with drums.

This dancer did a number of dances in elaborate costumes.

And then we experienced the local food.

Vegetarian dishes that were delicious.

Lastly we walked the long street that was lit up with small dishes filled with oil.

Oct. 30th. This is one reason why we did not leave today.

Ash on water taxi.

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