Friday, March 27, 2009


We are definitely continuing to enjoy the anchorage of Hog Island. We are anchored on the SW side which we are finding very protected and quiet with very little dinghy traffic.

However, I usually encounter lots of wind and very choppy seas on my dinghy ride across Clarks Court Bay to my Yoga lessons.

We decided to try hiking from Martins Marina in Mt Hartman Bay just west of our anchorage to Prickly Bay. The hike took only 30 minutes.
We also go to Martins Marina to purcharse fuel.

I just love these huge cacti.

We had our French Connection over to celebrate.

Yvon and Carmelle

Marie France and Gilles

You know who!

And what a feast we had. Gilles cooked the lobster that we all bought from the local fishermen while Yvon and Randy watched over the barbequed fillet mignon under Gilles supervision…..We were so full we couldn’t eat the salad.

Of coarse that is because we had to leave room for the delicious chocolate cake.

What a great memorable evening.

Feb. 7th. We welcome Kathy and Kerry to Hog Island with their guests Randy and Brenda.
We decided to experience the Oil Down on the beach.. Too many bones for my liking.

Each Sunday Raymond arrives to pick up the garbage for a nominal fee.

We introduced Bellagio to Phare Bleue with its historic Lighthouse. Lunch was a dissappointment; terribly overpriced.

I managed to get another Calabash. Here I have carved the Calabash and it is ready to be cut in half with a hack saw blade.

We have decided we need to order an additional stainless steel arch to support the dinghy. We tried to get the business owner from Prickly Bay out to Hog Island to do an estimate, however, the winds and seas were going to make for a very wet ride so he asked if we could go around to Prickly. Unfortunately, the man never did show up to do the estimate so we have decided to move around to the Lagoon in St. Georges as we have heard another company should be able to do the job.

Feb. 28th, Out on one of our many hikes we managed to get this picture of High States.

Always beautiful scenery to enjoy.

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