Wednesday, December 23, 2009


We've had enough of the Five Bays Williwaw's, so we'll head 15 miles down the coast to the resort town Rodadero.

Trying again to catch fish---Almost caught a bird ....Thank goodness he did not get hooked...He sure did a lot of head shaking though.

We were the entertainment for the locals who circled our boats in kayaks and peddleboats. We would have to go inside for a bit of privacy. We enjoyed swimming however, the water is not clear.

Found a great beach bar with our Dutch friends.

A local vendor came by with excellent beef kabobs for $1 US.

Taking the weather window to cross the Rio Magdelana.. This is Baros (Linda and Hans)

The Rio Magdelana looked like landfall. It is so brown. We stayed approximately 4 miles out from the mouth of the river. It's important to make this crossing as early as possible, before the wind,seas, and currents pick up. We constantly watch for debris.

Closing in on Hermosa where we will anchor for the night we adjusted our coarse by 20 degrees west from Pizzaz's waypoint to get further away from the shore line.
Anchored off the small fishing village at Hermosa. Hermosa was renamed Puerto Velero after all the stopping sailboats. We spend the morning cleaning HIGH STATES. We can not believe how dirty she is inside and out from the spray/water crossing the river. Even inside we have a thick layer of grit.

Linda and Hans suggest we all go in to shore for Cervesa.The locals wanting our business help bring in the dinghies.

Before Cervesa we take a two hour hike. We are attacked by no-seeums.

I am assuming these small fish will be used for bait.

Now it is time for Cervesa. And we are thirsty.

It's the end of another great afternoon. We all lend each other a hand to get the dinghies back in the water.

The next morning we say adios to Baro. They are going to spend an extra day at Hermosa while the rest of us have decided we will head for Cartagena....50 miles away....

We've decided to head more W than SW to try and find some wid, We keep in contact with TARA who have decided to motor closer to shore. Twenty five miles later we find wind but we are averaging only five knots.
We are pleasantly surprized when we're hailed by APPLESEEDS who we have not seen since last July in Grenada. They are only about 15 miles behind us.

Off Cartagena---the skyline looks like Florida.

Approaching the opening in the underwater wall to Boca Grande (Big Mouth)... We've got seven feet under the keel. We've still got a few miles to get to the anchorage...but we have arrived in Cartagena; four and a half months after leaving Grenada. The whole trip has been such a great experience.

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