Tuesday, December 15, 2009


With a suitcase full of "goodies" Sean and Carlie arrive for a week of fun and sun.... We had asked them to bring a new computer so I can get back on track updating the blog. Sean helped me transfer all documents and pictures from the old computer which I sure appreciated.
Also, they brought us a great Christmas Gift...An underwater camera....Thank you Sean, Carlie and Ash...

We had a friendly visit from the local Guarda Costa. We thought initially Ohh Ohh, what have we done? Drugs and smuggloing are a problem in the ABC's so they just wanted to say hello checking our papers and passports.

Renting a car is easy and inexpensive on Bonaire. Sean and Carlie enjoyed learning to wind surf at Lac Bay.

This candlestick or organ pipe cacti can grow 10 feet tall. Cadushi in Pampiamento, is used to build fences, keeping the herds of goats and donkeys out of ones garden. These fences, also known as trankera, are grown by planting the straight trunks of equal lengths alongside one another where they root and require very little water.

Sean trying out our "Louis". We purchased this alternate to scuba diving from a friend in Grenada. The air compressor is run by our Honda generator which makes cleaning the hull so much easier for Randy.

We had a great evening out for dinner at "It Rains Fishes"

And now for a few underwater shots....

A juvenile Baracuda.

A Parrot Fish; note the bleaching of coral.

One of the many beautiful eels we see on a regular basis.

Angel Fish

This is a file fish.

This turtle hung around for days.

Before we knew it the week flew by...but we are thankful to have the great memories of your visit Sean and Carlie. Love to you both...

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Dance Aweigh said...

Love the underwater photos. Must have been fun having Sean & Carlie visit.
Margaret & Rich.