Tuesday, March 30, 2010

A couple more stops before Colon

Again we must be patient and have to wait an additional day before leaving Porvenir for Isla Linton.
As we head into Isla Linton we are pleasantly surprized to hear IMSIM and TARA hailing us,welcoming us into the anchorage inviting us over for Sundowners.

Shelley and Drew (Rapid Transit) came by offering us fresh Tuna.

The next day Erno shows us the way to Panamarina, through a channel in the mangroves. Finally wifi after almost six weeks. Plus the restaurant was quite nice.

Isla Linton is reknowned for its monkeys. Every afternoon a few come down to a dock waiting for crackers or bananas. We had been told they are very aggressive so we decide to enjoy them while we sit in the dinghy.

We did stop in Portabello before heading to Colon . The country side was beautiful.

Full of history. However, after two nights it was time for us to move on to Colon as we need to haul out High States...So for now Adios to our friends.

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