Monday, March 22, 2010

San Blas--Part IV

We're really enjoying the short hops to all these beautiful Islands. Within two hours we've reached Green Island and are anchoring in 27 feet of water when a French boat comes in right beside us; I mean we could almost jump into each others boat….Not impressed. There's lots of spots to choose from and proper etiquette is we were here first so they should move.The next day we in fact move to have some privacy.

After barely having our anchor down a local Kuna arrives with barrels filled with molas. Venancio is a master mola maker and his molas are beautiful---price however is anywhere from $15 to $50 each.

I think Green Island, (Kanlidup) has to be on of our favorite spots to date. It is not only a very picturesque island covered with high coconut palms

but the snorkelling is some of the best since we left Bonaire.

Not so much in having an abundance of beautiful fish,

but the corals and sponges are absolutely gorgeous.

Plus of course it just feels so good to get into refreshing clear clean turquoise water again.

While snorkelling in very shallow water we saw our first shark!!! Approximately five feet long he was “resting” with eyes open under a shallow reef. Sorry, no picture as we not only made a quick exit but decided it was best not to get it excited.

We have been meeting many new cruisers and were surprised meeting Jan and Gordy from Victoria. They spend the winters on their boat Island Dreams. What a small world.

After a few days we decide to head out to West Coco Banderas Cays. Anchoring off uninhabited Orduptarboat we have our own bit of paradise. Well, until 1300hours when a group of six kayaks arrive for a short three hour visit. Orduptarboat is beautiful and offers good protection however very rolly. The snorkelling was good on the reef behind our stern.

Fabulous Ray.

Primarily due to the rolling swell making for an unrestful sleep we decide to go back to Green Island for a couple of days.. Plus the weather again is deteriorating. Does this not look like the West Coast of B.C.? (Well, except for the palm treed island in the foreground.

Prepared for the next rain storm----with our water catcher.

On our way into the Cambombia anchorage High States motor starts overheating. As soon as we anchor Randy looks for our problem. Turns out to be the impeller and water strainer. Luckily we had a spare impeller and Randy repaired the water strainer by “darning” it with my sail thread. We decide one night here is enough and head on to W. Naguargandup Cays where we anchor off Salardup.

”Auto” is on so we can enjoy the scenery from the bow.

At a number of the anchorages ULU's come by selling fruits and vegetables.

Checking in at Porvenir was excellent. No questions about why it took us so long to get here from Cartagena. Secondly,looking at my passport, the Immigration Officer asked how did I check in already. I explained due to a medical emergency I had gone to Panama City a few weeks earlier. No problem he says and re-stamps my passport to match Randy’s and the boats Cruising Permit as he says: WELCOME!!! We now have a three month Immigration stamp and three month Cruising permit.

The winds are really picking up so we move out to Chichime. This is our neighbour.

One of our favourite books Nine Years on the Seven Seas has a chapter on meeting a wonderful man Braulio and his family at Chichime. We are hoping to meet them here and show them their pictures in the book.

Finally we asked a Kuna that came by in one of the ULU’s if they knew the Braulio family….Yes, he states, however they now unfortunately for us live in Carti.

Out exploring we found this boat stuck on one of the reefs.

The following day a storm rolled in bringing 35 knot winds. By midnight we decide we’re too close to the reef on our stern so we moved out 60 feet and reset the anchor. It takes a couple more days for the swells to settle down so we can head back to Porvenir where we must check out before setting off for Colon. Even with San Blas being part of Panama we must check in and out before heading to Colon where we will again have to check in to Panama…

As we’re sitting off Porvenir this cruise ship arrives. It has turned nasty again. One moment we see the ship…

The next it is obliterated----Time for us to catch more water. It will take an extra day before we can head to Isla Linton. We've had to check out of San Blas as technically we will then be out of San Blas (Yala Kuna) and will have to check in to Colon.

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What a wonderful adventure! We sure enjoy following your trip. Keep the updates coming! Miss you!