Sunday, September 19, 2010



Sorry for the delay in updating the blog. We have just returned to Shelter Bay Marina to do much needed re-provisioning and with a good wifi connection we can finally update you all on our whereabouts these past months.
Prior to us leaving this marina at the beginning of June we provisioned for what we hope will be three months. We’ll gradually work our way back to San Blas on the Caribbean side of Panama. We’re excited to try out our new fishing rod.

The weather is so mild, the water like glass we decide to pass on Portobelo and head straight to Isla Linton.

We had been asked to deliver a child’s life jacket to Jeannie and Bob on Island Dreamin’. Here we are celebrating Jeannie’s Birthday (far right), Bob to her right and with friends Marie-Elena and Burt off “Not So Interim”.

We like to anchor off the SW corner of Isla Linton where we enjoy privacy and the howler monkeys.

It’s normally a short trip into Hans and Elida’s restaurant/bar/cruiser hang out however today our dinghy motor quit. Of course we need to get in to see THE WORLD CUP series so it takes approximately thirty minutes to row each way. Lord knows we need the exercise. Jeannie and Bob have heard a local taxi driver named Tito repairs small motors so Bob kindly takes Rand into meet Tito. Within a day the “Merc” is returned in good working order.

Daily we see weather systems here in Linton which bring us thunder, lightning, rain and more rain. Thank goodness for the rain as we can keep the water tanks topped up.

Sunsets forever changing are one of our favourite times of the day.

We make a one and a half trip into Colon in an old US school bus like this one for a cost of 2.50 each.

We are getting used to these storms regularly crossing our path.

The water boils around us with hundreds of fish. Randy tries and tries to catch one. No luck at all-it does not seem to matter what lure he uses--they just won't bite!

The WORLD CUP is over making it time to be on our way. Thanks Hans and Elida for your hospitality….A most enjoyable stay in Linton.

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Dance Aweigh said...

Glad to see the blog back! Sounds like you're still having a great time. We're busy getting ready - plan to leave Marco Island mid Nov. for the Eastern Caribbean.
Margaret & Rich.