Monday, September 20, 2010


0600hours….July 17th ..HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARLIE!!! And, CONGRATULATIONS to NICOLE & STEVEN who are getting married today.
Pulling up anchor you can imagine our delight when this seahorse had attached itself to our chain. Our destination, Chichime is the first island in the San Blas Islands, approximately a 42 mile trip from Isla Linton.

We've had both fishing lines out since we left Linton. Finally approximately 10 miles off Chichime both lines get a strike at the same time. As we were bringing in the foresail to slow down the boat the hand line snapped loosing one fish and lure but our new rod held up to the challenge.

Twenty minutes later we land a beautiful 15-20 pound Tuna.

1600 hours and we are anchored off Chichime. We’re in 30.2 feet of water using 200 feet of chain.

Chichime is one of our favourite stops made up of two cays, Uchutupu Pipigua and Uchutupu Dummat and one small sandy islet at the anchorage entrance. The anchorage is surrounded by a barrier reef. We barely have our anchor down when the Ulu’s arrive: women selling their molas, the men selling fish, lobster and crab. We tell them not to-day. We’re tired: come back “manana”.

Beachcombing Randy finds this incredible beautiful shell that's still full of life.

Reading "Seashore Life" this creature looks like it is part of the Gastropod family known in general terms as a sea slug and are not often found by shore collectors.

The sandy little island at dusk. The entrance to this anchorage is on the right of the picture. The left side is a nice coral reef.

We decide to move to The Hollandes Cays which is made up of 21 Islands that lay behind a 7 mile long protective barrier reef approximately 8 miles from the mainland. We have not been to this anchorage in the past as we have heard it is very popular and busy, actually noted in our cruising guide as one of the most popular anchorages of all San Blas. This is partly due to BBQ Island being maintained by "Caretaker Reggie" a cruiser who has taken a great interest in keeping the island spotless, prestine. When we arrive we are pleasantly surprizd there are only 12 boats, 9 inhabited.

The reef gives us good protection from the Caribbean seas yet still giving us a nice breeze.

The local Kuna did come out and collect a ten dollar cruising fee. We have since heard that the local Kuna have taken back BBQ Island, not wanting any help to keep it in its prestine condition and are charging an additional fee to step onto the island.

Exploring by dinghy the visibility is such that we could easily see this Ray.

We found off the most S.E. Cay of Tiadup the snorkeling was the best we've seen in quite some time. We also snorkeled off Caobos Cay. Randy saw an 8 foot shark twice so that was a sign to get out of the water.

As more boats arrive we decide to move to a quieter spot off to the SW-Ogoppiriadup---Randy goes to check the anchor---oops another shark.

We are amazed at how dirty and dusty the boat gets out in the middl of no where. Mold is another issue. Weekly we was down the interior walls and ceilings with a mixture of bleach and water.
It sounds like we missed the veggie boat by a day and it won't be back for three weeks. We decide to head back to Green Island. (Part III)

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