Thursday, June 19, 2008


Tuesday June 3rd.

0510hrs and I get up. Randy has already made coffee.
0540hrs. and we’re on our way to Les Saintes ---28.9 nautical miles.
We’re traveling at approximately 6 knots in a gentle swell. The coastline is a gorgeous ;lush and green dotted with pretty homes.

0700hrs. We’ve got a 1 knot current helping us along. We’re doing our regular dance…wind no wind.
By 01000hrs we’ve got a 2.5knot current against us and 15-20 knot winds. In Canal de Saintes it doesn’t feel like we’re making any headway even with the strong winds. Again we figure we best put on the motor before we start going backwards.

1200hrs. and we are anchored in 29 feet of water:
N15degrees 51.793
We’re in a gorgeous small baie around the corner from Bourg called Pain de Sucre on the main Island of Terr de Haut.

High States at anchor in Pain de Sucre

1300hrs. LaBete has hailed us and said Gervais wanted a hamburger….Randy said we’ll be right there. What is it with these guys and their hamburgers??? We walked from one end of town to the other and had no luck finding anything resembling a hamburger. We cleared Customs and then stopped for lunch and a bit of interneting.

Wed. June 4th.

We’ve said Au Revoir to La Bete. They need to get to Martinique by the 6th to meet up with Phoenix III. We have decided to stay here probably until Friday.

We went back into town, did some interneting and then went for a nice hike.

We managed to find some nice looking lettuce and tomatoes. We could not however find any fuel. We considered renting a scooter but it started to rain.

This is an outdoor sports center---people were practicing lengths.

Snorkeling off High States.

Thurs June 5th.

We decided to go back into Bourg to do more sight-seeing. We hiked over to the East coast (We are anchored on the West coast.)

We could not believe the depth of the ditches here. We'll have to find out what the average rainfall is.

We hiked to Baie de Marigot and Plage de Pompierre, passing this most impressive Soccer Stadium.

It started to get really hot and humid so back to the boat to cool down.

We managed to find out that fuel is not really available on this Island. We will have to go over to another island;Terre de Bas which is 2 miles to our West.

So off in the dinghy Rand goes with all our fuel cans.

Fri. June 6th.
We on our way to Dominica (pronounced doh-mee-KNEE-kah)
The swells are supposed to be 3-5 feet but in fact are a minimum of 5-7feet; the swells are cresting, breaking off our beam and getting into the cockpit. Yes we are having a very wet ride.
0900hrs. Freighter passed off our stern

0930hrs. We’re off Prince Rupert Bluff Point, dolphins playing in our wake, and we’re deciding if we want to continue down another 18nm to Roseau.

0955hrs. We have decided the winds are good and we’re protected enough in the lee of Dominica so we’ll head for Roseau.

By 1400hrs. we have been directed to a mooring by a “boatboy”. He was very pleasant and said he would come back after we rested to see if we would like to do a tour.

We have decided we will stay just one night here in Roseau, take advantage of the weather and head for Martinique.

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