Thursday, June 26, 2008

Touring St. Lucia

Saturday June 21st.


Cathy and Derek asked if we would be interested in renting a car with them for the day. "Of coarse" we say.

Heading South to Castries and then East over to our first stop Barre de L’isle Forest Trail where we did a two hour hike thru part of the rain forest.

An incredibly beautiful seed pod.

Closing up the gate.

Traveling down the East coast---there was incredible scenery that reminded us all of the West Coast.

Off the town of Dennery
We back tracked to the actual town of Dennery to try and find a restaurant. No luck.

At the Southern tip of St. Lucia is the town of Vieux Fort where we found a nice restaurant on the beach. It was really windy here and there were a number of people wind surfing.

Continuing along the West coast we stopped to savor the view of Petit Piton. 2438 feet high Absolutely breath taking.

In 2004 UNESCO named the Pitons to it's World Heritage List.

Due to two criterion-

Criterion I. "Outstanding examples representing major stages of earth's history

Criterion III "Superlative natural beauty and aesthetic importance for natural heritage sites"

Looking out to Soufriere, checking the moorings off "Bat Cave" which is where we think we will "stage" from on our trip to Bequia.

Then into Soufriere...and into means driving into the volcano. and we make our final stop at Diamond Falls & Botanical Gardens. I am afraid I just can't put all the pictures here but these are a special tribute to my two Gardening Mentors; Mom and Aunty Louise and of coarse all you other fabulous gardeners out there.

Picture above is White and Pink Mussaenda in the Japanese Gardens.

Torch Ginger or Wax Rose

Cocoa; this will grow into large ribbed pods. See how they grow right out of the trunk of the tree.

Nutmeg; They are small peach shaped yellow fruit containing the nut. The nut has a very fine scarlet covering known as the spice mace.

Pandanus (Panama Plant). This plant is actually a native plant to South Polynesia. These roots extend from the sides to suppost the heavy plant.

These are the leaves and when they are harvested they are stripped of the razor sharp edges and then dried for woven baskets, hats and furniture.
We ended the day going out for a wonderful dinner back in Rodney Bay. Thanks again to Derek for all his fabulous driving.

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Rich & Margaret Escoffery said...

Lynn & Randy:

Margaret & I are enjoying your blog. St. Lucia looks fabulous. We took Dance Aweigh back to the Bahamas for 3 months (March - June)- had great weather this year (not like 2007). Back in Naples now & following along with you on your blog - keep it up.