Thursday, June 5, 2008

Will it be St. Barth or St. Kitts???

May 24th, 2008---Heading for ??

May 23rd. Our last happy hour at the Yacht Club with La Bete (Manon and Jervais)and Rum Runner (Jay and Jen).

May 24th.

0630 We’re on our way.. The bridge on the Dutch side of Simpson lagoon does not open until 0930 so we have time for a leisurely coffee and bit of breakfast.. Winds should be 10-15 knots seas around four feet. Both from the ESE, We are still being flexible -----do we go the 25 nm to St. Barth (St. Barts) or the 55 nm to St. Kitts. We’ll wait until we’re out in the channel to decide. It is cloudy this morning….We are having to do a bit of a “dance” with five other boats waiting to leave the lagoon

0940 We are through the bridge ….Au Revoir St. Martin/St. Maarten

We have a gentle swell ; the motor is off and the main and foresail are out…We are doing 4 knots.

1400 hours.. We managed to sail only 1/3 of the way. Winds totally died off and then came back on our nose. St. Barts it is!!!

We’re in St. Barts and we have our Q flag up. We’ve decided not to go to shore.

1900hrs. Really a rolly anchorage primarily due to boat traffic. We hope to leave as soon as there is enough light.

Another beautiful sunset.

Sunday May 25th PICS

0500hrs. We’re up as we want an early start…Ohhhh Ohhh---We can see squalls out in the channel ---we will sit tight

0600hrs. Sure enough we are getting rained on in the Baie.

0630 A Mooring 51 has come and anchored right beside us. Like 20 feet a way…Time to go.
0645 Our anchor is up …Had to use a bit of reverse to keep away from the Mooring 51. It’s definitely brighter looking the way we are headed.

Both sails out and we have 6 foot swells. We are doing anywhere from 4.2 to 7.2 knots. If the swells would only settle down we would have a great run.

1030hrs. Feels like we are finally making headway. Swells continue to be 6 feet plus.

1100hrs. We have reduced sail as we are going between St. Lucia and St. Kitts and there is some ugly weather ahead of us.
1230hrs. Rand tried to go around the squall and we almost made it. This channel which is to the north of St. Kitts is full of short interval high seas. The bow constantly is crashing into the seas.. We’re also starting to see fish traps. We have to keep really close watch now so we don’t get them caught in our prop.

1500hrs. We’re in the bay off Basseterre and it is really rolly. We can see a breakwater and sailboats behind it. This is the new Port Zante Marina. Hailing the Marina they have said they have room for us. We decide at 75 cents a foot we may as well treat ourselves and get out of these swells. We have not been in a Marina since last June. We’ve been put at the fuel dock for the night. The people seem very friendly.
1700hrs. We’ve already enjoyed the amenity of the long, yes nice and long warm showers. Because of last nights poor sleep in Anse du Corossol-North of Gustavia on St. Barts, we both are more than ready for a relaxing evening. We can not leave the marina grounds until we check in with Customs tomorrow morning which is fine with us.
Randy helping out in the galley.

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