Thursday, December 4, 2008

After Many Frustrating Hours

Well, after spending 12 frustrating hours trying to set up Ash and his friends visit as one blog page I have "thrown the towel in". Sometimes it is smarter to say enough is enough and start again---this is one of those times. So I will break November into three sections.
Nov. 2nd.
Our first night in Prickly Bay was very rolly.We have decided to move closer in to shore to try and have less swell.
Ash and Rand put out our new stern anchor so that we will face into the swell giving us alot more comfort.

Now this is what holidays are all about.

Of coarse now I have two men who can not help but stop and look at what the local line technicians are doing.

Nov. 3rd.
98. We’ve met up with our friends Wendy and Jim on Merengue. Wendy and Jim spent hurricane season in Grenada.

Jay and Jennifer “noodled” over for Sundowners.

Ash’s turn to cool down.

Noodle Sundowner time. In the foreground are Bill and Leona (Voyageur C) and then Ash, Randy, Jennifer and Jay. Little did we know that this would be the beginning of the "Noodle Sundowner Parties".

Nov. 4th.
We decide Noodle Parties need “Elfonso” to store the “cool ones”.
Another noodle party.

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