Saturday, December 6, 2008


This past week with Ash has just flown by. We spent alot of time reading, relaxing and did some hiking.

One hike took us over to True Blue Bay to check out the dive shop. Ash was hoping to do a couple of dives this week . Unfortunately the weather has been to unsettled which would make for poor diving.

Storm after storm hits us. The positive thing: We collect water over filling our tanks.

Time to take a break off the boat.

For Ash's last night we decide to go to the Gouyave Friday Fish Fry.

This was our favorite stall. Well, along with the Rum stall.

They made delicious Tuna Kabobs for 10EC each which is around $4.US

Then it was time to say good-bye to Ash. After having his company for a month we are really going to miss him. We had such a good time together---good memories is what life is all about. Thanks for sharing your time with us Ash.

Nov. 27th. "Royal Cruisers Visit the Pauper Cruisers".
Friends Suzanne and Norrie from Victoria arrived on a Princess Cruise Ship with Suzanne's brother Keith and sister-in-law Anna.
Meeting them at the cruise dock, we took in some of St. Georges sights along with showing them a couple of our favorite shopping spots.

Then we decided to take the local bus back to High States.
Norrie with Anna
Suzanne with her brother Keith . Keith and Anna are from Britain.
Noodling off High States
Suzanne and Norrie treating us all to Pizza….Thank You

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