Thursday, December 4, 2008


Heading for Clifton, Union Island to check into the Grenadines.
Can you see the “head” formation??
Clifton Harbour, Union Island is surrounded and protected by Newlands Reef with another small reef in the center of the harbour.

We are pleasantly surprized Rum Runner arrives here too.

What a fun spot. The guys snorkel to Happy Island

Happy Island…..Happy Island is a man made island made with conch shells.

The girls and I go by dinghy.


We met JANTI, the owner who explained how in the past five years he has had to rebuild Happy Island due to Hurricane Ivan.

JANTI makes quite the wicked Rum Punch.

Nov. 10th
We're on our way to Tobago Cays and it is Sean's turn at the wheel.

Everyone pitching in.

Nov. 11th. Tobago Cays
198 We are frustrated with the aggressive "boat boys” who are in fact men. Randy has put down fenders but they insist on going to the non-fender side of the boat, one hitting our boat…We are not impressed. They are trying to sell everything from ice, bread, fish and lobster and t-shirts. No thank you, no thank you, no thank you…. We had six boats approach one even before we were anchored.

Ash and Matt went snorkeling at the reef and then later the kids all went to Jamesby Island to see and swim with the turtles. They said it was a great experience.
We decide one night is enough at Tobago Cays so we move on to Saltwhistle Bay.
We past this ship the Royal Clipper--Luxemburg

Saltwhistle Bay. Anchored in 7.8 feet of water
Do you think we are going to like it here??

Yes, it is truly a beautiful spot.

Ashore having a cool drink. We loved the thatched roofed gazebo. I was made out of cement and stone.

I think this could have been everyone’s favorite spot.
We are close enough to swim to shore

Bird came for a visit.

Matt bringing back the empties

Noodle time in Saltwhistle
Sean and Shane scrubbing the water line.
Playing is definitely tiring.
Ash and Matt were kept real busy during the night closing and then re-opening hatches because of the rains.

Next Part 3 of 3.


Dance Aweigh said...

Great life, great photos! We're living vicariously through you.
Margaret & Rich.

Cruising with Highstates said...

Dear Margaret and Rich; It's so good to hear from you. Thank you for your support in reading our blog. We look forward to the day we can meet up with you again somewhere out here in the Caribbean.