Saturday, December 6, 2008


Nov. 12th Unfortunately we need to start heading back to Grenada. We basically will have to back track stopping off in Clifton to check out of the Grenadines.
0815…We are in South Mayreau Channel heading for Clifton when we have a white out squall heading towards us. We turn around and anchor in Saline Bay for about 10 minutes to let the winds and rain pass us by.

Shane at the wheel

Ash at the wheel

We’re back at Sandy Island. Sean catches 2 fishes and a piece of coral. All are released. We only stay a few hours and move the boat into Hillsborough as the weather is going down hill and Sandy Island is only recommended as a calm weather anchorage.

The three amigos.

The kids got to experience a couple of squalls today. Here is another squall coming .

Back in Prickly Bay and of coarse it is time to noodle.

No cooking tonight. It's Pizza time.

Nov. 14th Bad storm coming and the weather in general is deteriorating. The kids really have lucked out.

Ash and Matt again are up throughout the night closing and opening hatches and trying to stay dry.

Nov. 15th. Ash and Mom cleaning up after the gang went home.
We feel everyone had a good time. Living in such small quarters; 8 people for 10 days was a great feat. It only worked because everyone was easy going and pitched in with all the tasks. So, thank you everyone for adding to our cruising experience in such a positive way and to our life's fond memories.

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