Thursday, December 4, 2008


We are situated perfectly for the arrival of Ash's friends Sean and Kelly, Matt, Shane and Karyn. Sean and Matt have been friends since Elementary school.

Nov. 6th. Ash’s buddies have arrived!! A day late, but all in good spirits. Thank you Jay and Jennifer for helping us dinghy the group to our boat with their gear.

We are so impressed how lightly the kids all packed. Thank you Karyn for finding and bringing us the plastic lids for cans and the Orzo. Each time we treat ourselves to Orzo we will think of you all. And, thank you Sean for bringing our much needed Usana products.
Too hot for Sean and Shane to sleep inside.


Off to snorkel. From left: Ash, Sean and Shane; on the right Matt, Karyn and Kelly.
Will the dinghy handle us all???

And of coarse everyone has to experience a noodle party with Elfonso.

We are on our way to St. Georges. Kelly and Matt watch as a squall chases us.

In St. Georges we will do our last provisioning.

This is the hospital.

Unfortunately it poured with rain so we did not get to see too many sights. We did find the bank machine and the grocery store.

Karyn and Shane


Ash getting ready to anchor.

Shane and Sean trying their luck at fishing.

Another beautiful sunset.

Nov. 8th Anchoring overnight at Sandy Island which is West of Hillsborough. Sandy Island is a small anchorage, basically a small strip of white sand surrounded by a reef. We all went swimming and snorkeling. The guys saw a huge grouper and had fun trying to catch it. Of coarse it would not budge from it’s hiding spot.
Ash and Rand checking the anchor. We’re in 6.7 feet of water.

Time for Kelly and Karyn to get used to having their salt water baths. Afterwards they can rinse under the fresh water stern shower.

Now it's time for the guys to get cleaned up.

Nov. 9th We move our anchorage closer to Hillsborough, Carriacou to check out of Grenada customs. It's Sunday and very quiet. Mind you we have to remember this is the island with one gas station and 100 rum shops.

Young local boys sit in someone's dinghy. They hope to get a "tip" for keeping an eye on it for its owners....The owners were not impressed.

On our way again; this time to Union Island to check into the Grenadines.

Everyone gets along so well which is amazing in these close quarters.

A quiet time.

Everyone is pitching in doing all the daily tasks. Ash and Karyn organized breakfast. Karyn and Shane are doing dishes while Kelly and Sean fold up laundry. Towels have finally dried and don’t smell too bad. Ash is cleaning out dinghy while Rand empties water jerry cans into boat.

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