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Feb. 2008 Sean & Carlie's Visit; Nurse Carlie to the Rescue

Feb. 2008…Sean and Carlie’s Visit

Happy Valentine's Day

Going to Fajardo on the 0630 ferry, we had a very productive morning after picking up the car. We picked up our garmin chip for the Western Caribbean plus new chiv blocks for the dinghy. We arrived at the airport an hour early....Are we excited??? Yessss !!!!

Carlie and Sean's flight arrived on time so we managed to get the 3pm ferry back to Culebra .

We decided we may as well celebrate their arrival and Valentine's Day by going to dinner at the Dinghy Dock Restaurant. They had a fabulous special menu which included bottles of red wine. Kathy and Kerry joined us.

Sean helped Randy get water by jerry jug. Using the main halyard they lift the jugs onto the deck.

Feb. 16th The weather is not co-operating so we decide to spend the day at Flamenco Beach.

This is the tank that was left on the beach during World War II.

Feb. 18th.
We've decided to go out to Dakkity.

Carlie at the helm. As she writes in our log "01020 hrs. 15 knot winds heading for Dakkity. Woohoo! First time on Lynn and Randy's boat. Running at 1800rpm/2.5knots"

She's certainly getting the hang of it.

We had a great day "vegging"

and playing.

What in the world has Sean found while snorkeling at Tamarindo Beach?

Where is the tail? It certainly would of been a feast.

Sharing duties.

Out one night to hear one of the local singers.

Feb. 21st

Another visit to Flamenco Beach, this time renting body boards to do some wave surfing. What a blast.

Feb. 22nd.
We decided on a day trip to Arecibo, Puerto Rico as the weather has not improved . We did make

one wrong turn and ended way up in the mountains but it was absolutely beautiful and we got to see many small communities.


First I stub (actually Carlie thinks I have broken) my toe. We decided this afternoon we would go to Culebrita so first we went to shore for a bit of provisioning. At the El Batey dock Randy got a huge sliver in his index finger. Back at the boat having lunch---ohh ohh no water. The water pump needs replacing---it will work if we hammer it each time we need water which is going to be a pain. Randy decides he will try and repair and proceeds to stab himself with a sharp knife in his forearm. NURSE CARLIE TO THE RESCUE. The cut is to the bone. Carlie cleans the
wound and gives Rand stitches with stitch tape. We won’t be going to Culebrita.

Instead we go to Mamacitas for dinner and then back to the boat for a challenge in Mexican Train Dominoes.

Sat. Feb. 25th.

0600hrs I take Randy to the El Batey dock as he will go to Fajardo on the first ferry to get a replacement water pump. The kids and I went to Punta Melones to do a bit of snorkeling.

Randy and Sean replaced the water pump last night and this morning we are on our way to Culebrita. By noon we were on a mooring ball and enjoyed the afternoon swimming and relaxing. Randy and Sean went over and spoke to a man on a large dive boat as we noticed many of the moorings were missing since our last visit. The man said that many of the moorings had to be taken away as there safety was suspect.. He also said their job on Culebrita was to search for unexploded ordinance and reminded us to be very careful and not pick up anything suspicious. Taima arrived shortly after so we had Carmelle and Yvon over for Happy Hour.

Rand checking out the mooring. We put a bridle on to keep up pointing into the swell.

Mon. Feb.27th
Taima left this morning for St. Thomas.

We went on a hike up to the century old lighthouse (built in 1880). What an incredible panoramic view up 305 feet. When we got back to the bay we found we were the only boat….Beautiful, peaceful….all we could hear was the surf.
1630hrs. Randy and Sean have been working on re-wiring our stereo system. Carlie also checked Rand’s arm injury and we’ve decided he should stay out of the water to-day.

Wed. Feb.27th
Back to Dakkity for some swimming before we have to head back into Ensenada Honda for the trip to the airport tomorrow. The two weeks have absolutely flown by.

Thurs. Feb. 28th.

Well, it’s Sean and Carlie’s last day with us. We’re heading to Fajardo on the 0630 ferry, have rented a car and went to Old San Juan. Dropping them off at the airport around 3pm we did some shopping and then went back to Culebra on the 7pm ferry. The ferry was an hour late arriving in Fajardo While we were waiting for its arrive four policia arrived at the terminal and checked everyone disembarking the ferry with a sniff dog. Then they went on board the Culebra II with the dog. Half an hour later we finally were allowed to board with the dog checking each of us.

Kerry was patiently waiting for us at the ferry dock.

Friday, Feb. 29th
We both are tired but managed to do a few tasks. At one point I said to Randy “I sure miss Sean and Carlie” He said “Yes, they’re great kids!!” We love you both and will have you back any time.

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