Monday, March 17, 2008

Nov.2007- Completing Tasks

Nov. 3rd- Completing Tasks for trip to Puerto Rico

The past two days a number of boats have decided to leave the safe haven of the harbor and head north and south. Tonight we had so much thunder and lightening we were happy we decided to wait for the next good weather window. We are not ready to leave at this point and we know the seas continue to be very high. (We have since heard from a number of the boats that they have been really “beaten up” by the high seas and that crossing the Mona was like being in a washing machine). Not our idea of a good time. A tropical depression is upon us and we had Noel the tropical storm last week. Even listening to Bruce Van Sant talking with cruisers today about cruising options, to me it did not sound like a good window. Seas 7 to 11 feet we can do without. We will wait until we feel happy about the weather scenario. Enterprise left yesterday. They tried to leave Saturday and then the storm started. We hope they are okay and not having too much trouble with the seas. WE will truly miss them and hope to meet up in the near future. One of our many tasks is going for fuel. Here Randy goes to get fuel. It is very labour intensive.

Chickens off to market.


We’ve met the last two evenings with Yvon and Carmelle (Taima), Kathy and Kerry (Bellagio) and Pat and Carol (Songbird). It sounds like we are all interested in leaving together when we have a good weather window. We personally continue to be busy preparing the boat. The dodger is almost completed.

We have a reef point needing repair on the main sail. Rand has topped up our diesel, gasoline and water. Randy has also completed all the necessary oil changes. We are not sure if we will leave this week, but we are keeping an eye on the weather for Thursday and Friday. It will take anywhere from three to six days to get to Puerto Rico. We’ll keep you all posted on our next adventure..
We will miss our friends and their fabulous restaurant...Steve, Annie and Stephanie

Taima almost ready to depart.

Taima and Phoenix III on their way!!!

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