Saturday, March 22, 2008

Home for Christmas Dec. 2007

Dec. 2007,We decided to take a "puddle jumper", (small 12 seater plane) from Culebra to San Juan, Puerto Rico to save us a bit of time. When we made the reservations we were asked for our weights. Now we know why. Randy got to sit right behind the pilot whereas I was in the last row by myself , actually, not by myself---with the luggage. (Seems I was the smallest on the plane).

What a beautiful view.
Star Light, Star Bright.........
and what we did wish was that we took more pictures....sorry to those we saw and did not get a picture of . Plus we wish we had more time to see more family and friends.
Home for the holidays... Mom and Carlie

Christmas Eve dinner at Sean and Carlies.
Rand, Ash and Nick

Carlie and Sean

A visit to Joy and George's

Joy and Maureen
Boxing Day at Graham's
Aria and Toni

Dennis, Janis, Rand, Jim and Tom

Graham, Aria, Dennis, Tom, and Rand

Out for another meal with Wendy and Robin

Thank you Brenda and Dave for making a special trip to see us from Vancouver.

Breakfast at Margo and Bob's My gosh are we ever going to stop eating??

Coffee break at Stan and Norma's( and Casper )at their beautiful new home.

Out for dinner with Ash's friends.

Sean and Kelly; Congratulations on your Engagement.

Matt and Adrien

Casino Night with Maureen and Glen, Joy and George, Chris and Bill, Pat and Bob and Carlie

Rand and his "honey" Maureen

Lunch with Jack and Pauline

And now we can say Congratulations on your wedding in Las Vegas.

Out at Glenna and Bob's

We met Bruce and Barb in Nanaimo for lunch.
A visit with Larry and Mary

Yes, we ate, ate and ate....No wonder we have gained weight. But we really had a great time.

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