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Suzanne and Norrie's Visit

April 10th,2007 Emerald Bay; and Suzanne and Norrie’s Visit

We are spoiled at Emerald Bay. The facilities are incredible. They are clean and our moorage (which without power is 75 cents a foot per day) includes the FREE use of the laundry facilities, showers with complimentary shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryers, mouthwash, Q-tips, body lotion and sunscreen. The office area includes free internet access, a television and a games room with a full size pool table. Also as Marina guests we have free access to the Crown Isle Condominium project infinity pool facilities. This is because the marina’s pool is not built. A short walk away is a Four Seasons Resort.

April 6th. We have had an incredible sand storm. With the grounds around the slip not landscaped when the storm hit today we have a fine film of sand through out HIGH STATES. What a mess.

April 8th. The Easter bunny arrived on our boat leaving treats in our shoes. Thank you Caylin. Later that evening we had Derek , Evelyn and Caylin over for Easter dinner. We celebrated with Pork Tenderloin, Orzo and steamed veggies. UNWIND brought over a special bottle of red wine.

It continues to be hot and the humidity is high. There are so many mosquitoes and no-seeums. We’ve made nets for the hatches.

April 10th.
1750hrs. We went for a walk around the Marina. There was a boat from Canada so we went and said hello. Pierre and Charlotte Turcotte are from Quebec City.. It has turned out they have to go back home to work and they have hired two men to take their boat to Antiqua. They asked us to come back and meet Art and his friend. We could hardly wait to get back to HIGH STATES to let UNWIND know this information. Evelyn has decided to take Caylin back home to Victoria with the plan for Derek to find someone to help him take the boat to Antigua and they would meet him there .Talk about fate. The Turcotte’s were kind enough to lend us four books on sailing the Caribbean and recommended them as necessary purchases for our travels.

Derek and Evelyn have decided to hire Art.

April 21st.

We ordered all four books that the Turcotte’s lent us. They are full of great information:
Bruce Van Sant: The Gentleman’s Guide to Passages South; Chris Doyle:The 2003-2004 Cruising Guide to Leeward Islands; Chris Doyle: The 2001-2002 Cruising Guide to Windward Islands; and Nancy & Simon Scotts; The 2003-2004 Cruising Guide to the Virgin Islands.

Enjoying a time out at the beach over at Ocean Bight.

April 24th
Randy has been busy sanding and varnishing the exterior teak plus doing general boat maintenance. I on the other hand made a carrot cake, cleaned the spare head and got Suzanne and Norrie’s berth ready for their arrival tonight. It was necessary to fax our cruising permit to the customs office at the airport today to prove Suzanne and Norrie had a place to stay.

We want to say a special big THANK YOU to Suzanne Norrie , Sean , Kate and Brian.
Sean for running around getting us our new Inverter and supplies; Kate and Brian for the tent and bungy cording; and Suzanne and Norrie for bringing it all down to us.

April 27th

We’re on our way to Georgetown.
1520hrs. We are anchored off the “Monument” N23*31.466” W075*45.893”, which is on Stocking Island.

Friday May 4th.

We’ve had a great week. Our days were full of swimming , eating, exploring and having our sun downers. We went into Georgetown to participate in some of the celebrations for the Georgetown Family Island Regatta for Bahamian racing sloops. Lots of people, loud music—party time!!! Of coarse “party time” was stressful as the harbour was full of not only sail and regular power boats, but cigarette boats that were being driven far too fast through the anchorages by not so sober “captains”. We did enjoy watching the sail boat races.

One of our favorite pass times was going to Chat N Chill, a burger joint just SE of our anchorage. Here there are daily volleyball games, yoga, beach walks. Here Suzanne and Norrie are taking a break in front of Chat N Chill.

One of our hikes took us up to the top of” The Monument” which is a large stone beacon. We were attacked by mosquitoes. Racing back done the hill as quickly as we could, we dove into the water while they continued to swarm our heads.

Late one afternoon as we were having our sundowners, Randy heard someone yelling for help along the shoreline. Jumping into the dinghy, he reached a fellow who had lost his way along a trail. He had somehow also been separated from his friend. They were about 26 years old and from New Jersey. Randy went along the shoreline trying to find the friend to no avail. Deciding the first fellow should go back to Chat N Chill and wait for his friend he jumped into the water and Randy hoisted all 225 pounds of him into the dinghy. Continuing the search Randy checked the shoreline of the next bay. Sure enough there was the guy slowly walking along the sandy beach heading towards Chat N Chill. The two fellows seeing each other started madly waving to each other and yelling. This was another good reminder of making sure we are prepared when we go for hikes. The two guys had a map but no water.

We’ve decided due to the weather forecast we should head back to Emerald Bay Marina. Suzanne tried her luck at fishing but there will be no fish dinner tonight.

The last week of Suzanne and Norrie’s stay we enjoyed the beach over in Ocean Bight. Randy totally enjoyed the challenge of snorkeling for golf balls. The golf course ran along the shoreline. Totally we collected 50 balls. The Bight has a beautiful sandy beach. Unfortunately swimming priviledges have been removed at the EB Beach Resort as they had had problems with guest complaints. We still enjoyed going there for lunch and had a nice dinner with Suzanne and Norrie.
One of the prettiest beaches we have seen to date is here at the Tropic of Cancer. Besides Rand, Suzanne and Norrie, we only saw 6 other people. Gorgeous!!!

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