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Nov. 17th,Luperon to Puerto Rico

Nov.17th,2007-Luperon to Puerto Rico

Yes, We’ve left Luperon and Hurray we made it across the “dreaded” Mona Passage to Puerto Rico.

Picture of Bellagio
1515hrs. we left Luperon Harbor. By 0200 hrs. (Nov. 18th) we were off Cabo Frances Viejo heading for Cabo Cabron on the NE coast of the DR. By 0700 hrs. Randy had to start adding jerry cans of fuel as we could only motor-sail. With all the rains this past few weeks there was a lot of debris in the water.

01130hrs we were off Cabo Samana and decided to head East.

The skies continued to get darker and by 1440 the radar showed huge clouds full of rain for at least eight miles. There was no way we could motor around them so we decided to go right through the storm.

The Mona Passage itself was as Sue on Enee Marie had written---“-it was like a going through a washing machine”. We were constantly tossed and turned having difficulty keeping on coarse. We had, along with Bellagio decided to cross the hour glass shoal on the north side, then head to the north side of Isla Desecheo for Puerto Higuer, Puerto Rico.

Thirty miles off Mayaguez we enjoyed a beautiful sunrise. At 1410 hrs Saturday we had the anchor down. A 47 hour crossing with no stops.(Over 220 miles) Not having many rest times we were both exhausted but proud with ourselves. Having no “Auto” as in Auto pilot we both had little sleep. Having a great group to travel with made a huge difference. Bellagio (Kathy & Kerry); Whisper (Kristen & Hanns); Merengue (Wendy & Jim); and Song Bird (Carol & Pat). Two other boats joined us along the way; Spirit de Liberte and Moondancer.

Pictures we took of Bellagio in the Mona Passage.

Monday, Nov. 19th

We cleared into customs this morning and set off for Bouqueron by 1030 hrs. We had our anchor down in Bouqueron by 1430 hrs., none too soon as it started to pour. Randy quickly scrubbed the decks and then we both had outdoor showers.

Beautiful sunrise.
Whisper arriving at anchorage.
Merengue arriving.
The two things we’ve noticed since leaving Luperon is the humidity has dropped. We actually had to use a blanket. Secondly, I am not (keep your fingers crossed); being constantly bitten by bugs.

Well, must go for now. We just wanted to let you know we arrived safely. Regards and love lynn and Randy S/V HIGHSTATES

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